Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sky+ versus ntl:home

Woohoo folks!

This is my first blog of all time.

My great news is that I am getting Sky+ installed on Friday (10th December) and I cannot wait, probably due to the fact that I've finally bought a decent TV (32" Silver Widescreen).

I have been scraping along with ntl for two and a half years now and enough is enough!

The reliability of ntl was always awful, I mean you could start flicking through the channels and all of a sudden BANG! it freezes.

Whether it's the broadband crashing, the tv guide dying or static coming down the line it's often a case where the remote control is heading towards the TV at mach speed (not the reason why I bought the new TV - I restrained myself on each occasion).

The prospect of moving onto Sky+ is delightful - crisp image, realtime TV guide - also a TV guide that actually lets you know what is on for a whole week, instead of one that only goes as far as 3 hours usually.

It's the pausing live TV and recording a channel while you watch another, OR recording 2 channels at once while watching one of them! It's beautiful.

For all of you that have ntl I recommend switching if you can - with going on Sky and BT instead of ntl alone for all three services (phone, TV, broadband) it actually works out the same price almost and the service you get is so much better! I order you, SWITCH!

Can't wait till Friday so I can have a decent TV service.

CiaĆ³ peeps!

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